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Arts and culture is a broad umbrella but some of my interests that I write about often include Australian young adult books, the Oscars, Asian Australian stories, women’s sport and murder mysteries.

Some of my favourite stories I’ve written recently are Let’s talk about money, Giving up on giving up and The mysterious case of category fraud.


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About me

Photo: Acacia and Grace Photography.

My name is Julia Faragher and I’m an artist and writer currently living in Melbourne, Australia. My writing has been shortlisted for the Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing 2023 and published by the ABC, The Guardian and Portside Review among other publications. I currently volunteer for LoveOzYA and I am completing my Master’s degree in contemporary Australian young adult literature and creative writing at Monash University. I can be easily won over with a hot chocolate.

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If you’d like me to consider writing a review, feature or interview about your book, film, TV show, theatre show or other cool creative project, please reach out to julia@overthinkerpress.com.

I have a particular interest in hearing about the topics above and for in person theatre, I am currently open to review shows taking place in Melbourne (and occasionally in Canberra and Sydney).

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Arts and culture in too much detail


Julia Faragher is an artist and writer living in Melbourne, Australia.